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Goby Republic Scuba

Scuba Diving Charters in Door County & the Great Lakes

Diving on your own and need airfills?  Available by appointment or pickup/dropoff.  

Airfills $6.00 per tank,

2 tank Dive Trip $125.00, Must have DAN insurance or equivalent. 

$4.00 airfills and 20% off Charters

for Neptunes Dive Club or Fox Valley Dive Club Members

Call (920) 495-8544

2022 Goby Republic Charter Calendar

Thanks for a Great 2022 Season.  Charters re-opening in May 2023  Call to reserve now!


May 5,7 Open

May 13,14 Open

May 20,21 Open

May 27,28,29  Booked


June 3,4 Open

June 10,11 Open

June 17,18 Jennibell Trip Open

June 24, 25 Ocean Wave/ Oconnor Open



July 1,2 Frank O’Connor Open

July 3,4  Open 

July 8,9, Open

July  15,16 Open

July 22,23 Open

Meet our Mascot! Jason the Goby

Go Jump in the Lake!

Go Jump in the Lake!  Any Lake!

Come Explore with Us!

See the History of Great Lakes Shipwrecks!

Explore these Underwater Ruins!

Explore these Underwater Ruins!  All over Lake Michigan and Door County.

Don’t forget your Deco Stop!


And safely return to the surface!



I created Goby Republic Scuba, because diving and exploring the historic shipwrecks of the Great Lakes is a passion of mine I love to share.  My vessel the “Spawn of Pliadies” is a trailerable 26′ 1989 Cruisers Barnegat, capable of taking 4 divers and gear comfortably, (5 uncomfortably).  Being trailerable allows me to make it to wrecks on both sides of the Door County Peninsula from Two Rivers to Washington Island, and the Bay of Green Bay.

Goby Republic Story

Spawn of Pliadies Story

Captian, Reverend and President

Jeremy Saunders